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A good display can have a number of different uses and applications in a variety of locations and environments;

Reception areas:   Typically our customers will have table top and banner stands in reception areas which feature information about that their business does.  One good example of this are hotels who may advertise seasonal events throughout the course of the year varying the message according to the type of customers they are trying to attract.

Networking:   Many businesses use networking actively as source of gaining new business and this is where a portable display such as a banner stand or table top can really reinforce the message.  Having a display at an event can really help you get your key marketing messages across to your audience.  Portable displays can be quickly put up and taken down which makes them a great choice for networkers.


Semi-permanent displays:  Many locations are now using banner solutions as semi permanent displays to promote products, service and events.  As banner displays can be easily changed, this can be a very cost effective way of displaying a variable message to your audience.  Posters used in an A-boards can also be a highly effective advertising method for businesses such a cafes and gift shops where the display is located immediately outside the premises.


Exhibitions:  Trade exhibitions come in all shapes and sizes and so do the displays you can use that these events.  For the larger trade shows a number of our customers will use a Pop-Up stand which is a collapsable frame on which are mounted display graphics.  Where space is more limited then the display of choice would usually be a banner stand.

Design:  We have over 10 years of experience in advising customers how to make the best of their display solutions.  Whether you use a design house or design your graphics in house, Blueberry Display are well placed to provide you with sound advice prior to producing the final display.  Remember that consistency of colour, font and brand and the key cornerstones in making sure your display gets the right message across. 

Marketing:  We can also help you design the right marketing message that speaks to your targeted customer audience.  Remember to focus on the benefits to your customer when considering your customer message as it will help them to see why working with your business will be good for their business.

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Sam Swinstead, Vivo HR

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Sam Swinstead, Vivo HR